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Kes’ Holistic Therapies provide a range of treatments including Full Body Massages, Back Shoulder & Neck Massages, Massages for Tired Legs & Feet, Sports Massages, Aromatherapy Massages, Indian Head Massage, Facials, Hopi Ear Candling, Reflexology, Thai Foot Massage, Natural Facial Rejuvenation and Reiki.

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    Full Body Massage - £30

    A fantastic way to help relax, rest & unwind. This massage helps physical and mental well-being, as well as ease tension, ‘knots’ & strains. (Pregnancy massage also available)

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    Back, Shoulder & Neck Massage - £15

    Relaxing massage to help ease stress & reduce the tension within these muscles.

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    Legs & Feet Massage - £15

    A soothing massage to the legs & feet to help ease those aches,pains & tiredness after a long day

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    Sports Massage - Full Body £30 / Specific £15

    A deep tissue massage to help release muscle tension & restore balance to the body, as well as improve posture & flexibility. This type of massage will help prepare muscles before an activity or help muscles recovery after a strenous workout. Can be either a full body massage or specific limb treatment.

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    Aromatherapy Massage - Full Body £35 / Specific £20

    A relaxing or stimulating massage using essential oils tailored to your specific needs to aid health & well-being. This can help improve some skin conditions. Can be either full body massage or specific limb treatment

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    Indian Head Massage - £30

    A natural holistic therapy to help reduce muscular & nervous tension; relieves headaches & improves circulation, and gives you the feeling of tramquility & calmness. This massage concentrates on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and face. With this treatment, you will also receive some hand reflexology/massage to enhance the benefits of this treatment.

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    Hot Stones Massage - Full Body £40 / Specific £20

    Using oiled stones (hot or cold), this is an effective treatment to help you to relax, ease away aches, pains and tension.

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    Face, Scalp, Arm & Hands Massage - £15

    This treatment helps to relax and release built up tension with a hand massage in these areas.

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    Hopi Ear Candling - £35

    The use of specialist candles (Biosen) to create a massage effect on the ear drum & create a pleasent feeling of warmth & a balance of pressure in the ears, forehead & sinuses. This is followed by a gentle massage in these areas to enhance the effects.

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    Reflexology - Feet £30 / Hands £20

    A natural therapy that uses pressure on specific reflex points in the hands/feet. These reflex points are related to specific parts of the body & help with cleansing & detoxification but also aids towards relaxation & enables the body to re-vitalise. Maternity reflexology also available.

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    Thai Foot Massage - £30

    An ancient form of therapy healing that uses thumbs, hands & a wooden acupressure tool & massages through rubbing, kneading, stretching & vibration applied to the feet & lower legs. This aids towards promoting a sense of well-being as well as a feeling of being energised & revived.

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    Natural Face Rejuvination - £25

    Incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques drawn from Japanese & Indian Face Massages. This relaxing massage treats the surface ^ deep facial tissues using gentle hand & finger manipulation by stretching & toning muscles. Treatment carried out on the head, face & shoulders. With this treatment, you will also receive some hand reflexology/massage to enhance the benefits of this treatment.

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    Reiki - £25

    A hands on (or hands off) treatment that was developed in ancient Japan. It is an ideal treatment to help towards stress reduction & relaxation.

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    Facial: Basic - £25

    Cleanse, tone & moisturise with massage.

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    Facial: Luxury - £30

    As per Basic above with exfoliator mask.

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    Oncology Massage - £poa

    Please contact for more information. Donation will go to The Olive Tree Cancer Support Centre.

Discounts given for bookings with four or more people.

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